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FREE Microchip Clinic for CATS!

Did you know that just 2% of stray cats without microchips make it back home?

Made possible by 13News Now and the TEGNA Foundation, CHS is hosting a Microchip Clinic for cats from 9 am to 2 pm on Friday, July 26th. Cats will receive a Microchip with Registration at no cost. Please bring a copy of your cat’s most recent rabies certificate. If your cat is out of date, a rabies vaccine will be provided as well.

– Cats must be social and able to be handled easily by veterinary staff
– Cats must arrive in a carrier (one cat per carrier, please!) and stay in the carrier except when removed by veterinary staff
– FREE Microchip and Rabies vaccine are provided for cats ONLY 

Book your appointment time HERE for a reduced wait time