Dental Services


Dental-dogOur Clinic is excited to offer low-cost dental services. Most pets over three years of age have periodontal disease and need veterinary attention. While brushing your pet’s teeth is helpful, brushing does not remove tartar or clean below the gum line. Pets need professional dental cleanings just like we do.

Signs that your pet is experiencing periodontal disease include: bad breath, discolored teeth, loose or broken teeth, extra teeth, inflamed gums, and bleeding in the mouth. Pets hide discomfort well, so it may be hard to tell if your pet’s mouth is painful without a veterinary exam. Left untreated, dental disease leads to tooth loss, abscesses in the mouth, and kidney, liver, and heart damage.

Dental-catAll dental procedures are by appointment only. First, our staff will perform a dental exam to identify any issues and provide an estimate of cost. We will then schedule your pet for a dental appointment, which includes cleaning, polishing, and extracting any broken or diseased teeth.

To schedule an initial dental exam, please call 757-546-5355 or click here to request an appointment.  On the day of your pet’s procedure, please bring completed dental paperwork. If this is your first time at our clinic, we ask that you also complete new client paperwork.  Be sure to bring printed copies of your pet’s vaccine history. Due to the high volume of clients, we are not able to call for history.