bluepaw_03 ABOUT US

Founded in 1972, Chesapeake Humane Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is funded by private donors – we do not receive government subsidies. The Society supports the homeless animals of Chesapeake in the following ways:

• Providing low-cost spay/neuter and vaccination services
• Offering financial assistance to shelter animals in immediate medical need
• Serving on the Chesapeake Animal Services Advisory Board
• Lending countless volunteer hours to enhance the lives of shelter pets
• Running a media program that advertises adoptable pets
• Hosting off-site adoption events to advertise adoptable pets

Our Mission is to promote the welfare of companion animals through programs and initiatives that reduce pet overpopulation, increase adoptions, and encourage responsible pet guardianship through affordable pet care.

Our Vision is to help pets and the people who love them find each other and stay together.

Board of Directors

Diana Snyder, President
Mary Lee Almond, Vice President
Laura Harden, Treasurer
Teresa Inge, Secretary
Amanda Dunlap
Cheryl Hindle
Scott Snyder

Phyllis Stein, Founder, 1972


Lacy Kuller, Executive Director

Alison Fechino, Associate Director

Dyanna Uchiek, Community Engagement Manager

Leslie Mikovits, Office Manager

Clinic Admin Assistants

Dr. Melissa Turner, Medical Director

Hannah Davis, LVT

Annual Sheltering Statistics


Privacy Policy

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