Vet Clinic

bluepaw_03 VET CLINIC

The Chesapeake Humane Society offers the following low-cost veterinary clinic services for cats and dogs:

Click here for our price list.  Note that proof of income in the form of a current 1040 tax form or document showing qualification for government assistance is required for all income-based discounts. Documents must be presented prior to checkout. Please see one of our local veterinary partners for illness exams or diagnostics.


Chesapeake Humane Society offers appointments for spay, neuter, soft tissue, and dental surgeries. Due to COVID-19, vaccine services also require an appointment.

Call 546-5355 or click here to submit a request for an appointment for a spay, neuter, or dental.  Be sure to bring printed copies of your pet’s vaccine history to any appointment. Due to the high volume of clients, we are not able to call for history.