Meet our Board: Matt Morrison, President

April 30, 2024

Matt Morrison is Chesapeake Humane Society’s board president and dedicated to the work we
do. As an animal lover and mental health advocate, Matt has always found the companionship
animals bring into our lives has an immeasurable value. Matt has always had animals in his life,
from goldfish and hermit crabs to dogs, cats, and rabbits. “Each of them listened to me when I
needed to talk, sat with me when I needed silence and celebrated with me in times of joy.” Pets
provide Matt with an unwavering bond that he could never repay. Serving on the Chesapeake
Humane Society board gives him the opportunity to both support people finding and staying
with their animals and providing animals with the care and wellbeing they deserve.

While an important purpose of the Humane Society is ensuring animals are placed in safe, loving
homes where they can thrive, Matt is most proud of Chesapeake Humane programs that ensure
animals can stay healthy and safe in their loving homes, with their people. “Programs like our
low-cost veterinary clinic and our Pet Pantry provide access to affordable care and food, which
may otherwise create a costly burden. Our Crisis Boarding program provides options when
someone is temporarily unable to care for or provide a safe home for their pet. In many
situations, the desire to keep an animal healthy and safe during times of hardship or crisis leads
to the heartbreaking decision to surrender the pet. These programs ensure everyone in our
community has access to resources and support they may need to keep their pets healthy, cared
for and safe during difficult life events.”

“I’ve always had the mindset that to improve the world, you need to start by improving the
world around you.” Matt is passionate about animal welfare, a clean environment, and promoting
human equality and inclusion. He wants to create positive change and hopes by giving back
to the community, he can encourage others to do the same. We are grateful to have board
members, like Matt, who help make a difference in our community and for the lives of countless
people and their pets.