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By Emily Friedland, Development Manager

May 7, 2024

At Chesapeake Humane Society, we work with other partners in our community to help pets who need it most, like Rina, who was brought to us through PETA’s Community Action Program. Rina was said to have been abandoned on a property with a person who is a regular stop on PETA’s route. They had not visited the home previously but when they stopped by for the first time, it was a very cold and rainy day. She was living outside in a pen, covered in mud and clay. After speaking with Rina’s owner, the owner decided it was best to surrender Rina to PETA.

The PETA team took Rina back with them and bathed her to get all the mud off of her. The next day, Rina was transferred to CHS where she could find her forever home. Upon intake, Rina physically appeared to be in good condition; however, we found that she was riddled with intestinal parasites, something we commonly see amongst dogs who live life outdoors with little to no veterinary care. Rina was on dewormer for quite some time, which showed how infested her little body was. In her foster home, Rina proved to be a sweet, snuggly, and happy puppy. She enjoys being around people and quickly found her forever home once she was ready for adoption. Stories like Rina’s are not uncommon and because of our various partnerships with other organizations, we can help pets like Rina.